Hike #1: Mount Diablo, Donner Canyon

Hike #2: Uvas Canyon County Park

Hike #3: Urban Hike 1, Marina/North Beach

Hike #4: Mountain Home/Muir Woods Loop, Mt Tamalpais State Park

Hike #5: Urban Hike 2, Seward Street Slides

Hike #6: Lands End

Hike #7: Phoenix Lake, Mount Tamalpais

Hike #8: Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

Hike #9: Urban Hike 3, SF Beer Week

Hike #9.5: Urban Hike 3.5, Western Addition Dinner “hike”

Hike #10: Urban Hike 4, Outer Richmond (aka “Dumpling Trail”)

Hike #11: Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve, Horseshoe Loop

Hike #12: Tilden Regional Park

Hike #13: Taco Hike

Hike #14: Ring Mountain Open Space Reserve

Hike # 15: San Bruno Mountain, Summit Loop

Hike #16: Coit Tower

Hikes #17&18: Buena Vista Park, Twin Peaks

Hike #19: Angel Island

Hike #20: The Apartment Hike



#1: Raven Run, Fayette County

#2: Rockcastle Cumberland Confluence

#3: Natural Bridge




#2: Pisac and the Sacred Valley

#3: The Hiking Begins–First day on the Salkantay Trail

#4: Day 2- The Glacial Lake

#5: Day 3- Over the Salkantay Pass 

#6: Day 4- Downhill Begins

#7: Day 5- The Cloud Forest

#8: Day 6- The First Sighting

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