Fall Running


the time has come for colds
and overcoats

Sort of.  At least until the sun comes up.

It dipped down into the high 60s last week.  On my morning run I saw a lady riding her bike wearing gloves, scarf, and a hat.

I was considering running another half marathon this fall with the hopes of breaking 1:45.  But since my last race about two months ago I have run approximately 5 times (once at 10,000 feet that was a very slow walk/run which almost killed me), attended two weddings, one family reunion, and consumed an unprecedented amount of bourbon and food.


(Speaking of which, the place we stayed at in September served bahn mi tacos WHAAAAT).

It’s been awesome.

But then my sister showed up this weekend.  Since I last saw her, she has lost 10 lbs and is a weight-lifting, marathon-running machine.  In her usual overachieving fashion, she PR’ed at the NYC Marathon two Sundays ago…and then decided to run the SB Veteran’s Half Marathon this morning.  Carrying a 40lb backpack.  Like she did two years ago.


She invited me to join her, but I bailed at the last minute.  Because wine and tacos.  And children. Always blame the children.

So since I couldn’t be there to support her or say it myself at the race, Happy Veterans Day and thank you to all the vets out there including my sister, my dad, my grandfather, some of my cousins, and a handful of my uncles.

And in the wise words of my sister (or her army friend, I’m not sure):

If you want to thank the military, be the kind of American worth fighting for.

Gone till November

Last Thursday I hopped on a plane down to Atlanta to wish my sister safe travels on her way to Afghanistan.

My dad

Uncle Mark

and bro-in-law Joe

picked me up from the airport Thursday night and we were off to Fort Benning where we met up with my sister, who is a badass ARMY NURSE!  Unfortunately, she found out on Thursday that she would be flying out Friday morning at 8am as opposed to Saturday, which only gave us about 12 hours with her.  Bummer.  But at least they were a good 12 hours.

We woke up at 3:45 Friday morning to drive into the base, where I helped her finish packing…

…and put together her gun holster…

…and then we all carried her bags down to the loading dock…

…where she dropped off her bag and picked up her gun.  After a breakfast of powdered eggs and some good solid waiting around for orders, we wished her bon voyage…

…and watched as everyone got into formation and loaded onto the buses.

Then, we had 3 full days together in Georgia.  This meant relaxation

good food

and family time.

Molly sent us an email this morning, she made it safely to Afghanistan.  She’ll be back a few days after Thanksgiving.

Go thank a soldier today.