Tahoe: A look back

IMG_20150806_205417Tahoe happened in July.  I found this post sitting in my drafts folder.  But because it really is the best time of the year, and it’s a shame to let such an event go to waste, let’s reminisce.11695958_10100534397230472_3311924401407648567_nA few weeks ago (like…15 weeks ago) I headed up to Tahoe to do the Trans-Tahoe swim on a star-studded boat. IMG_20150806_205457We all wore our uniforms (sweats) and were ready to take on the competition.

6 swimmers, 11ish miles across the lake.

Unlike past years, the morning was cloudy. IMG_20150811_155629 And cold. IMG_20150811_155536Like, really cold.  And the water wasn’t super inviting.

But we battled on. 20150718_080840 And eventually the sun came out. IMG_20150811_160523 And the Cheladas came out. IMG_20150811_160007 And things were awesome.  Like they are every year. 20150718_131556Because that’s how Tahoe and this crew rolls. 11760338_10100534798915492_3397795908193799603_n until next year… IMG_20150718_164647

Trans Tahoe


6 swimmers.  one boat.  11 miles across lake tahoe.

i love this event so much.


even the ride in is beautiful (ignoring the 3 hours of traffic you inevitably hit in sactown when you leave SF at 3:30 on a friday).

This swim is a little bit different than running relays I’ve done in the past in that each leg swims for a set amount of time (in this case, 30 minutes) as opposed to a distance.  And you continue to rotate until you hit the finish line.  Simple, and kind of beautiful in the fact that nobody can really tell how fast you’re going (unless you really gain or lose ground to another nearby boat, though the lake is to big and people get pretty spread out that it’s not usually like a neck-in-neck race until the end.)

proper nutrition. key for peak performance. oh 21st amendment, how i missed you.


6am boat pickup



early ride to the starting line


the starting line, sand harbor state park


waiting for our first swimmer


go time.


one of the many exchanges


we finished in 4 hours 10 minutes(ish).  then we got to hang out in this for a while.


seriously.  the water was just incredible.

it’s good to be back.