A friend of mine from Kentucky was recently in a bike wreck.  She broke her neck and back and sternum in several places (just writing that makes me cringe). This friend is incredibly active, an accomplished triathlete and cyclist, and this setback seriously blows.

Since she is more or less immobilized, she’s started to write (and knit).  And of course, because I am a blog whore, I am totally subscribed to her blog.

When I was 19 I was in an accident where I broke a bunch of stuff, including my back in six places, and took a good thump on the head (of which my mother is convinced I never recovered).  I was in and out of the hospital/ICU for over a month.  Reading her blog of course reminds me.

It reminds me how tough things can get once the initial shock wears off. The isolation and frustration. Being so ready for it to be over.  And time ticking by ever. so. slowly.

It reminds me how little you can do to expedite the process.  You can’t push harder or work longer or train smarter…the best thing you can do, in fact, is not rush it.  That is hard.

It reminds me of the day, about 2 months in, when I got maniacally happy because I tied my shoes by myself.  I was on the way out the door to get breakfast with some friends (who, for the record, along with my parents, had loved me and babied me and carried me through this entire episode) when I sat up and announced, arms in the air, “EVERYONE, LISTEN UP!!  I JUST TIED MY SHOE!  BY MYSELF!” expecting some sort of ovation.  Everyone was like, “Whoop…let’s go eat.”  But I smiled through breakfast, my sense of accomplishment so real that the feeling lingers 13 years later.

Because it’s not going to happen in one day, or one month, or even one year.  It will happen in baby steps.  Baby steps that nobody else will notice or care about.  But recognizing those for what they are, representative of you moving in the right direction, is important.

I try to remember these things.  That celebrating the small steps in life is important.  That setbacks are not the end.  That adjustments to your life plan is not always a bad thing.  That being forced to slow down is hard, but sometimes necessary.  That every boring, ordinary day really is a gift.

But sometimes I need a reminder.  A reminder that if today is just another boring day to take a second, tie my own shoes, and soak in the ordinary.

Cast free is the way to be

I am freeeeeee!

Yesterday the surgeon told me I don’t have to wear my brace anymore.  AND I can swim.  Or at least try.  My arm is still stuck at a 90 degree angle when I relax it, so I look kind of weird, like I’m mid-robot all the time.  But whatever, I don’t mind.  Because now I can go for my walks without having to deal with the incredulous, grossed-out looks from passers-by when I dump a puddle of sweat out of my brace in the middle of the arboretum.

Onward and upward!

A beautiful thing

i heart my surgeon.

My surgeon decided to go “out on a limb” and, after making me promise I would be VERY very careful, put me in a splint early 2 weeks early, instead of another full arm hard cast.  (An old coworker was like, “Obviously he doesn’t know how accident prone you are.”  I’m hoping I can hold myself together for 2 weeks.)  The splint is removable, so in addition to starting some (very slow) elbow and wrist exercises, I can wash my arm.  I cannot begin to tell you how excited this makes me.

So thank you to all of you who voted, but (fortunately) I will not be sporting a Traffic Cone Orange cast any time soon (Electric Green and Fluorescent Pink were tied for second…dark blue got one vote.  My (apparently only responsible) friend told me that she thought it would look the most professional when I went on job interviews.)

Sick Moves

I attended the wedding of a family friend this weekend with Paul’s family (where we were seated at the German table, because the family of the bride thought it was hilarious….and super fun for the 2 of us sitting there that didn’t speak German…to sit all the foreigners’ families together).  Somewhere in between the German conversations, Makers Mark, and moving rendition of Hillbilly Deluxe by the groom and his friends, we realized the array of dance moves you can pull off with one arm stuck at a 90 degree angle is kind of amazing.  Here are a few.

The Twist:

Stop In The Name of Love:

The crowd favorite, The Sprinkler (a modified version):

The Robot:

The Ahnold:

And the Hillbilly Jig (poor shot but believe me, you can do it):

The Lawnmower and Truck Driver also work, but didn’t get caught on film.  And I’m throwing this picture in here just because the two guys in the background were in such fine form:

A+.  Kentucky weddings rule.

Bull. Crap.

From: meagan
Sent: July 21, 2010 6:23 PM
Subject: Guest Feedback: otherHello,

About 2 months ago I bought a pair of size 8 Groove pants from Lululemon.  On Thursday, June 24 (after only a month of owning them) I went for a run wearing the pants.  Towards the end of the run my left foot caught the inside of the right, slightly flared pant leg and I fell, fracturing my elbow.

I am writing to see if there is any way at all I might be able to get a replacement for the pants.  They were ripped in the fall, and I recently moved from San Francisco to Kentucky where (sadly) there are no stores within a 150 mile radius of my home (and I currently can’t drive due to the size of my cast.)  I would be happy to mail you the ripped pair of pants, along with photos of the cast and films of my elbow, if that would be helpful.

Thank you for your help, I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,



Dear Meghan,

Thank you for taking the time to email us with your feedback about our Groove Pants. We are very sorry to hear about your accident, and we wish you a speedy recovery!

The Groove Pant is our original yoga pant, and its 4-way stretch, flat seams, and wicking ability make it suitable for a variety of different activities. These pants are designed for low impact exercise, and although some guests choose to wear them for running, they are not specifically designed for that activity. Items like our Run: Empower Crop and our Run: With It Crop are designed specifically for running, as they have a more streamlined fit, which prevents extra bulk and allows for a greater range of movement. You can filter our online selection to see items from our run line. (

We are very sorry to hear about your accident. Because there is no technical or quality defect with your pants, we are not able to replace them for you. If you would still like a new pair but cannot get into a store, you can purchase them online at
Thanks again for taking the time to email us.

Thanks for your insight!

lululemon athletica
guest education centre
toll free: 1.877.263.9300
direct: 604.215.9300
fax: 604.638.1200

Elbow update

Got cast #3 put on today.

It’s lighter and a much prettier color (I went for Bright Blue) than the first two, both of which I am grateful for.  I’m in a full arm cast for another 4 weeks, then hopefully something I can either take off or get wet.  Cast change in 2 weeks, get to pick a new color.  Go here to vote for the next cast color.

Also got the post-surgery films back.


I had my surgery yesterday (we had to wait for the surgeon to get back from…wait for it…Buenos Aires, where he had been vacationing for the last 3 weeks.  Yes, seriously.)  Came home with lots of drugs, both in bottles and in my system, and a completely monstrous cast.  If you need me, this is where I will be for the next week.

Crunch Time

So, I have to fly home for surgery.  We leave tonight.  Machu is off, I am trying to squeeze in as many of the things on our list of things to do before leaving.  Our flight is at 8:30 tonight, fortunately the game is at 3:30, so we’ll make it.

Day trip to Clinica del Sol

Guess who recently lost her super thorough health plan when she left her job, decided to travel out of the country on her honeymoon, went for a run on said honeymoon, tripped on her OWN PANTS, broke her elbow, needs surgery (involving a screw), and may or may not actually go on the trip she won/almost lost/won again to Machu Picchu.  One guess.