When it rains…

 The weekend in weather:

Friday, March 2nd:
pictures taken by my coworker from his 17th floor apartment balcony in downtown Lexington:

Saturday, March 3rd:
taking Spike for a walk to the Barkery on…Molly’s 29th birthday!  HAPPY BDAY MOLLY!

 Sunday, March 4th:
our house

(The snow started yesterday, but these pictures are actually from this morning. We woke up to 6 inches.  The most snow we’ve had all year.)

What. The. Heck.

We lucked out here in Lexington on Friday, no major damage. Anyone local looking  to help with relief efforts:

Marching on…

these guys were out in bloom almost 2 weeks ago...everything is confused by the weather

Hope everyone had a great leap day and made the best of those extra 24 hours…

The beginning of March signals…the end of February Fitness.  So how did it go?

Swimming: I was right around 40,000 yards again (about 10K a week), which was whatever.  BUT! The good news is that trying to squeeze in the yards helped me figure out that if I fudge my schedule, I can and swim 3x a week by squeezing in a short swim right after coaching morning practice (instead of the 1x a week I was doing last season).  This a habit I will continue to follow into March and beyond.  So, success.

Sugar:  Aside from Joe’s birthday cake, the Ale 8 and Moon Pie (which, due to cultural sensitivities, I couldn’t decline), a trip to Orange Leaf (which is really chemicals, not sugar), and one day at work where I had a total meltdown and ate like 5 mini chocolate bars, I ROCKED IT (I know that sounds like I didn’t rock it, but for me it was a huge step in the right direction).  Sugar loses.  I win.

No bitching rule:  Errrrrr…2 out of 3 isn’t bad.

SO!  What’s up in March?

Now that I can run again (I ran 6 this morning without pain…heck yeah) training for Hawaii is starting to really happen. The unseasonably warm weather hasn’t hurt either.  Alison, who is in the process of getting her coaching certification, is using me as her first client…or guinea pig.  So she’s the boss from here on out.  Bring it.

Also happening in March, apparently a lot of this:

Despite the uneventful morning weather, the weathermen are predicting Armaggedon this afternoon.  They closed the public schools at noon.  I got sent home from work at 1:30.  Jim Cantore is here in Lexington.  We are currently a 9 on the TOR:CON Index.  Apparently sh*t’s about to go down.  But right now, the sun is shining and things are calm.

So, in the meantime, I’m sitting on the in-laws back porch (they have a basement, we don’t) enjoying the unseasonably warm sunny weather with Spike.  And secretly freaking out on the inside.

Happy Friday.

Update: We are now a TORCON 10.  And I’m following Jim Cantore on Twitter.