September 28, 2020 § 4 Comments

I think.

It’s been almost two years. A while ago WordPress did something weird and I couldn’t figure out how to post. I lost my password. I tried another host and tried to make things look fancier. It didn’t really fly. I gave up. My blogging life was part of the past.

Then a few weeks ago I got the reminder email that I get every year that my URL was going to expire. Given the fatalistic attitude I have towards everything right now I was like, whatever, who cares, none of it matters.

But the day before it was set to expire I clicked on the link in the email, just to make sure I couldn’t renew, and somehow it logged me in. Then I realized that it only cost me $16/yr to maintain over 10 years of stories from my life. Then I realized WordPress had GOTTEN THEIR SHIT TOGETHER (or maybe it was me, I don’t know) and…


Friends. I missed this. It’s good to be back.

The weird thing is, I don’t even know who these “friends” are. I am not part of some blogging community. I don’t know who even reads this. But man, it feels good to be sitting down writing something on here. I don’t know why. It makes no sense. At all. But it does. And right now I’m holding on to anything that feels good (within reason) and running with it.

I started this in January of 2010. Facebook was different, Instagram didn’t exist. Tumblr did exist (and apparently still does, I’m surprised to discover just now). I just spent the past hour looking back through old posts, realizing that they a.) aren’t as great as I imagined them to be in my mind, and b.) OLD. When I started this blog I had juuuuuust purchased my first smartphone (the Droid, complete with a slide-out keyboard). I was using a Motorola RAZR a month before we started this thing. I still had a myspace account. THAT’S how long it’s been.

Back then blogging was big, but also already felt like it was maaaaaaybe on the way out? The pioneering bloggers started in the early augts. Now with social media and Medium and just the fact that there is too much of everyone’s opinion EVERYWHERE, plus the fact that I’m creeping towards 40, blogging seems a little…dumb.

But when has being dumb ever stopped me.

Case in point: this post.

OK well I’m glad we just took that journey together. If you hang in there, I promise there is more to come.

Welcome back.

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