Fighting the Cult

Today I was reflecting on the content of this blog, which started off as a guide to navigating the wild backroads and busy streets Northern California, and I noticed that the past 10 posts are comprised of:

  • cooking (4)
  • the dog (3)
  • the weather (1)
  • felt trees from Pottery Barn (1)
  • octopuses (2)

I told myself that the move to Kentucky would not turn me into a housewife whose favorite topic of conversation is the weather, but looking at that list…isn’t encouraging.


So I know I’ve been a little slow posting things…my online class (Financial Statement Analysis…gripping), the first and (god willing) only online class I will ever have to take (no offense Joe), has taken over my life and will continue to do so for the next few weeks.   As much as every fiber in my body fights it every waking moment, I need to finish this class by mid-Sept to get my certificate.   And what better time to do it than when you’re an unemployed invalid living with your in-laws.

Party. On.

60 hikes in 6 months

After much hemming and hawing, my friend Molly and I have committed to attempting (ha) to hike 60 hikes within 60 miles of San Francisco within 6 months (from the 60 hikes within 60 miles series).   Thought process went something (or exactly) like this:
me:  so i am trying to start a blog
Molly:  ooh
me:  just so i can learn how to set up a website
but i need a blogging topic
Molly:  about what?
me:  exactly
Molly:  hmmm
me:  maybe i should pick up a new hobby and blog about that
Molly:  hmm, what hobby?
me:  i dont know
want to join me?
my friend has a blog about cooking with beer
Molly:  ooh
sure, i’ll hobby with you :)
me:  ok cool
now we just need to find a hobby
roller derby?
Molly:  that would be awesome
us trying to learn how to rollerskate
me:  we could start…rock climbing?
Molly:  ooh, i love baking
and gardening
me:  ok
baking things from our garden?
on roller skates?
Molly:  while rock climbing?
me:  totally!
Molly:  we could try hula hooping
belly dancing
trapezing or something random
like that
me:  that could be cool
but exp
Molly:  yeah
that’s the only problem
me:  my friend says free diving
Molly:  where would we do that here?
me:  i have no idea
Molly:  i’m not free diving in the bay
me:  aw hell no
theres nothing ot see anyway
me:  start a band?
Molly:  what can you play?
i’m pretty terrible
i’ve only ever played a little piano
me:  i can play the flute
or i could
Molly:  learn how to play an instrument?
me:  i bet youd rock on the tambo
Molly:  i could do tambo
chrissy should be our lead singer
me:  def
i want to sing too
Molly:  i’ll be backup
me:  we can be a trio!
Molly:  man, who would ever come see us
Molly:  we could do all 60 of these hikes
best hikes san francisco
me:  omg
that is a totally fantastic idea
Molly:  i’m sure we can get lots of people to join us for some of them
me:  there’s a pair of hiking shoes i wanted to get at sports basement
perfect reason
let’s do it!!
Molly:  woohoo!
Update: after looking at our work schedules, Molly and I  concluded that it is unlikely that we will complete all of these hikes before early June.  In an attempt to maintain our original goal, we will most likely be replacing a few of the original hikes with a few urban hikes.