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Californians always get attitude when someone tells them they could never live here because they’d miss the seasons.

Well.  We’ve had a heatwave these past few months, and let me tell you a secret: Angelenos were missing fall.  It’s hard to pull off the scarf and boots and the extra foam, non-fat pumpkin spiced latte when it’s 90 degrees (though I’m pretty sure when mid-January rolls around and the rest of the country is dealing with this, it might seem like a fair trade.)

Last week the heat wave officially broke.  The evening air started to smell like holiday smoke (different than the fire-season smoke), and on Saturday in the early morning I actually saw my breath.

Time to bust out the close-toed shoes and get season appropriate decorations for the front porch: fall has arrived…


…even if water temps are still in the low 70s.


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pb-130321-lima-beach-jsw-01.photoblog900auga de dulce beach, lima, peru. pic via photoblog

This goes under what is not happening here today.  Although, to be fair, the sun is out.  It’s just 35 degrees and windy.

Speaking of beaches, tomorrow is Match Day.  Paul finds out what residency program he matched with and where we’ll be going.  All of them are in California, so regardless of which program it is we’ll be leaving Kentucky and heading back west sooon….

Happy Spring Equinox!


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Everything is better in the spring.  Feeding the chickens, walking the dog, going for a run…even waking up at 4:45 to go coach is less painful when you don’t have 4 inches of ice to scrape off the car.  We have the windows open.  It’s supposed to be 79 tomorrow.

Paul attempted a greenhouse this weekend, using scrap wood and an old, moldy shower curtain (yum).  But the shower curtain didn’t quite fit, and after about 20 minutes the whole thing blew into the garage and broke.  We’ll fix that this week.



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Happy first day of spring from my office window.  And yes, that is snow.

Winter Woes

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I have spent this past week daydreaming about the day that the outdoor pools open.  I can’t help it.

We actually had some warm weather this week.  70 degrees on Tuesday…70!…which meant a nice after work run with Paul in SHORT SLEEVES…followed by this:

Weather Channel

Of course.  Complete with tornado warnings and severe weather sirens.  Thursday was back in the single digits, and Friday we woke up to a light dusting of snow, and 8 degrees outside with a wind chill at -4.  Hurrah.

Saturday morning we woke up to some pow-pow.  First real snow of the season.  Some were HAAAAPPPYYYYYYYYY.IMG_20130203_210644

Others were not.IMG_20130203_205800Did not want to come out of the coop…and pretty much didn’t all weekend.  (I didn’t know this, but in the winter time a lot of chickens can actually get cabin fever from never wanting to come out of the coop.  They do not like snow.)

I was scheduled to do my long(er) run of the week Saturday morning.  Woke up to way too much snow and ice on the sidewalks.  Which meant this.


9 miles on the treadmill at the Y.  Baaaaaaaaaaarf.

I usually limit my runs on the treadmill to an hour/7ish miles.  Max.

But with snow predicted all weekend and limited options, I sucked it up and JMFDIGDI.  Broke the run up into:  2 mile warm up, followed by 2 x 3-mile efforts at a faster pace with a half mile jog in between the efforts and again at the end as a sort of warm down.   So much easier to digest mentally.

And 1.5 episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta later, I was done.

The rest of the weekend was hijacked by Gone Girl, which I started reading on Thursday and just finished this afternoon.  So now I have my life back.

I won’t lie, I’m not too sad to see January gone.  If it hasn’t been obvious, things here have been very slow.  And cold.  I’m ready for sun and gardens and thunderstorms and spring.  One step closer.

Hot Hot Heat

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Yes, that’s right.  Hotness to the max.

Weather forecast for today…and yesterday, and the day before that, and tomorrow: too hot to move with lots of humidity.

The good news about the heat is that it’s PERFECT weather to go enjoy a swim outside now that the public pools are open.  And considering I’m registered for the Big Shoulders 5K open water swim in Chicago in September and have swam exactly twice in the past 5 weeks, this pool motivation is a good thing.  Got a long swim workout with Allison on the calendar tomorrow morning to get the ball rolling.

Time to get back in the water.   Aw hecks yeah.

The secret to these pools is to get there early, before the hairballs and bandaids take over.

Speaking of sporting events, BIG FAT SHOUT OUT to everyone who is racing the 70.3 in Munice, IN tomorrow.  Please don’t melt.  Remember, ice is your friend.

I’ll leave you with A Midsummer Evening’s Walk With Spike: In Pictures.

We got about a block before he plopped down and wouldn’t move.  So he got carried home.  Fortunately his baby pool was waiting for him there.

And yes, for reals.  Dog ice cream.  WTF Marsha.

Enjoy the weekend, stay cool.

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