Summer sunrises in New York City are awesome. T minus 11 days until the Del Valle 10K, which can mean only one thing: time to cram. A lot of people this past week have asked me: how far of a swim is that?  I answer: it is a 10K. 10,000 meters.  6.2 miles.  A distance […]


Finally.  FINALLY.  After 2 years of hardly anything, I’ve got a schedule happening for 2015. So far it’s just water (I have some foot stuff going on, I’m going to go see a doctor about it soon, still hoping to sign up for a half or two in the fall, but for now no running.) SO! June 13: Del […]

Lap Swim

this is not ‘nam.  there are rules. You may have noticed the lack of running talk here.  I haven’t run in almost 2 months due to some foot issues.  So I’ve been spending more time in the pool.  This means a lot of time at lap swim. I’ve been told that lap swimming can be […]

400 IMasochism

Yesterday was a little bit of a struggle day, mentally and physically.  I felt crappy.  I decided the best way to deal with it was to pile on a little more pain.  So I went to the pool and did a 400 IM.  Legally.  LONG COURSE. I haven’t done that in over a decade (because why […]

The Problem with Swimming

Saturday morning I swam for the first time in over a month (all the pools in town close over the holidays).  The first thing I did when I got home was make a shake, a sandwich, and finish all of the leftovers from the previous night’s dinner. Then I sat down to work.  But instead I […]

Night swimming

Sunset outdoor practices are my favorite.  By far.  Maybe it’s because for some reason swimming at dusk almost always gives me flashbacks of swim practice as a kid.  Maybe it’s because when you’re done, and that super relaxed, warm, foggy, wave of sleepiness that always follows a hard swim finally washes over you, you know all you have to do […]