How to prepare for a race in the heat

The long taper into the 4th of July 10K continues.

This weekend it was over to Denver to visit some friends.

…where, like most of the country, it was blazin’ hot. We avoided the fires, but it was still too hot to run. So I figured the best preparation would be a lot of walking

…in between breweries.

Which resulted in the impulse purchase of a cheap pair of sunglasses that look almost exactly like the ones I already have.


And a few tasty snacks to cool us off.

And some of this.

I’m ready to PR.


Now that basketball season has come to a victorious close, Lexington is settling back into normality…which means no more wearing Kentucky hoodies to work (dammit).

With all the basketball hoopla (pun intended) dominating everything, what else has gone on?

Well, 2 weeks ago I got food poisoning that almost killed me.  I couldn’t move for 2 days, and the morning I finally did make it out of the house a bird took a massive s**t on my head and new shoes.  So that week sucked.

Paul took a break from stressing about boards to bottle his beer…which makes him so happy.

We are storing the bottles in the closet in our guest room for the 2 remaining weeks until it’s drinkable.  I made the mistake of opening the closet door the other day and Paul FLIPPED about exposing the bottles to light.  So if you come visit, don’t do that.

Training picked up a lot for me the week after I was sick (Hawaii is less than 2 months away…), which has been great but tiring.  I’ve also been running really slowly lately, which is rough.  Not sure why.  But, plodding on…

Oh, and I baked a cake for the Louisville game.

Strawberries on the inside, blueberries on top (because blue dominates red, of course.)  It was ugly but delicious.  I more or less ate the whole thing in a single go (might have something to do with my slower runs.)

Exciting stuff.  Back to the grind.

A day at the farm

Last week Paul noticed that our compost pile was not composting (largely, I think, because he insists on leaving the top off so rain can get in, which is fine, but then animals get in there too and eat everything.  Plus it doesn’t heat up, which accelerates the composting process…one of the first things you learn when you are a camp counselor on Catalina Island and need to compost almost all of your waste…WHATUP CIC COMPOST BINS!)

So since worms weren’t showing up in there naturally, he decided he needed to add them.  He did some research and found out that the worms you can purchase online are a.) too numerous (you get like hundreds at a time), and b.) don’t always arrive alive.  So he decided we should make a trip down to the thoroughbred farm where his sister lives and dig up some red wigglers (yes, that’s the kind of worm we needed, and why he couldn’t do this in our own backyard, I’m not sure.)

So, on an absolutely beautiful Saturday morning, after a long run, we hopped in the car, cardboard wormbox in tow, and took a drive out to the country.  And what greeted us as we arrived?


The baby horses are out and about, with their knobby knees and scraggly fur. They are really frickin cute.  This one above was a ham, he loved to pose.

Anyway, we got to the house and were greeted by the Westies…

…which Spike was pretty happy about.  Paul got his box and we all went down to the river…

…to go worm hunting.

Success! (we got more than that one.)

And, of course, one of the best parts of going out to the farm:

What in Gods name, you might ask, are they?

Miniature donkeys.

As far as I can tell they serve no function other than entertainment.   They are pretty mean (why is it funny when little things get angry?) and will bite, so watch out.  They also actually go HEEHAW when you bring out food.

When we got home we went out to the compost and found it…already composted!  Paul switched his beer into a new carboy last week and had (unbeknownst to me) dumped all the yeast into the compost.

Surprise!  Basically overnight the yeast had decomposed everything.  Now we have some nice clean soil for the worms to play in.  Oh well.

For some more pics of the farm, go here.


It’s that time again.

For my sister’s wedding over three years ago Paul (and I, kind of) brewed, bottled, and made personalized labels for about 120 bottles of beer.  Paul hasn’t brewed anything since we moved to Kentucky.

Until this weekend.

The grain.

The malt.

The hops.

The 5 gallons of American IPA glugging away in the corner.  The house filled with warm grapenut smell.  Paul’s rants about Reinheitsgebot.

Yum.  It’s good to be back.

Happy Labor Day!

Late, I know.

Lexington has been making an effort to do more community events, and the Friday of Labor Day weekend was a good one.  Welcome to the Fest of Ales.

Look at all those beer pourers.  For $25 you got a mini glass and 20 tickets (about 7 beers, if you used them all…which no one did) to try out a whole bunch of different brews.  The whole town was out, it was great.  And people wore great shirts.

Unfortunately, the Fest underestimated how many people would partake (and how many of their pourers would adopt a “one for you, one for me” policy) and ran out of beer a little early.  So a group of us headed to a bar for one more drink.

It was there that I witnessed one of the more amazing mobile apps currently on the market: Roqbot.  For a fee, it lets you re-arrange the order of the queue on the jukebox in a bar.  So obviously Paul’s friend who had the app started playing “Who Let the Dogs Out” every other song.  He is already responsible for having the app banned in 3 bars in town.

Anyway, it was there that things degenerated pretty quickly.

We left before it got too ugly.

The previous week I had told a friend that I would join her on a bike ride Saturday morning with the Bluegrass Cycling Club.  BCC was offering a 10 mile (family ride), 30 mile, and 56 mile option.  My friend and I were doing the 56 mile ride (even though I hadn’t been on my bike since Steelhead, it got a little jacked up on the trip home and I just got it tuned up last week).

Paul was going to do the 30 mile option, since he hadn’t ridden his bike in like 5 months, but after some mild harassment he gave into the 56 miler too.  So we pulled our not-unhungover selves out of bed at 7:30 and headed out to the country.

The weather was gorgeous.

…but then it got hot.  Really hot.  And the shade disappeared.

We were getting baked.  Paul started to suffer.  The last 15 miles weren’t pretty.  The rest of the weekend was recovery.

Oh, and I came in from my run today and decided to turn on the local news while I stretched and this was on TV.

Apparently I’ve been away from local TV for too long, I had NO IDEA stuff like this was seriously still on.  The soundtrack was amazing.

Hike #9: (Urban Hike #3): SF Beer Week (Guest blogger)

Location: San Francisco (SOMA, Mission, Lower Haight)

Distance: 6 miles (planned…actual – much, much shorter)

Entry fee: $0

Stop #1 - Anchor and Hope

Hello to the Meggawho Blogosphere!  Molly here guest blogging for Hike #9, which Meagan unfortunately missed.  Be nice, I’m an engineer by profession and haven’t written much since college, so bear with me.  I’ll do my best to be as witty and informative as Meagan.

I received an email from a friend informing me that SF Beer Week was happening and we decided that it would be a great theme for an urban hike.  For once, we planned our route early enough to have a bunch of friends join us.  Everything was set until the very last minute when Meagan had to leave early for Santa Cruz and nurse her poison oak butt.  However, that didn’t stop the rest of us from foraging on ahead without our fearless leader!  Allie and I got out of work early, so we decided to add the Anchor and Hope event to the hike.  I started the crawl with a delicious Czech Pilsner that has been brewed in since 1008.


Next, we walked to City Beer Store – a fun little place with a wide selection of bottled beer that you can buy beers for either to go, or you can pay a fee and enjoy it right in the store.  Next,  we were set to meet Meagan’s replacement,  Paul, at Rosamunde in the Mission…and since we thought we were in a hurry to meet him there,we decided to skip this leg of the walk and cab it over.   Here, we had a specially tapped Stone IPA that I paired with my beer sausage dinner.  Deeeelish. After fueling up at Rosamunde, we noticed our walk to Toronado was quite far and decided to get a beer to go.  At the next corner store we got a Bud Light tall boy, which we split into the To-Go cups that Allie so thoughtful brought with her from work.  But, after a few blocks of walking and the tall boy almost gone, we hopped into a cab.

Toronado ended up being the designated meeting place for a few more friends, which was great, but kinda derailed the remaining two stops on our hike.  Oh well.  While at Toronado, the Edel-Weiss beers were flowing and we started to miss our blogger extraordinaire.  So, with the aid of my awesome and handy Droid, we sent her a series of photos and texts so she wouldn’t miss out.

Having Fun
But sad at the same time (we missed you, Meagan!)

Hike #8: failure on actually “hiking,” but a success in enjoying delicious beers for SF Beer week

Lessons learned: without Meagan, I’m pretty lazy and can be talked out of actually “hiking” on an urban hike

Flora and Fauna: allie f, paul h, chrissy, allie c, ferg, carl, brian, and paul b:  awesome friends to have beers with on a Friday night.