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…and we’re back!  You know how it goes.  Kids come back, life gets busy, your bathroom floor is always covered in piles of toilet paper…

Time for a quick review of the Road to the Ventura Marathon:

  1. The week before I signed up for the marathon I had a series of really solid runs, including a 9 mile run with the stroller where I CRUSHED IT.  I decided I needed to sign up for another marathon immediately to try to qualify for Boston.  Because I was SO READY.
  2. Registered for Ventura two days later.
  3. The day after registering went for an easy 8 mile run and my knee blew up.  Hasn’t happened in years.  Had to walk the last mile.
  4. Decided it was because my shoes were old (they were).  Got new shoes and took a few days off to let it recover for a little bit.
  5. It didn’t.
  6. After 6 weeks of going through that cycle and not seeing improvement, I contacted the race director and asked if I could downgrade to the half.  He said yes.

And just like that, in the spirit of race-bailing that has dominated the past three years of my life, marathon #2 is out.  Wah wah.

But we still have the half, so it’s something.


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IMAG1245back when i used to have all my toenails

You know what they say: When the kids are away, the mothers will…sit on the couch in their sweats drinking wine and sign up for marathons.



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At least I have part of my next week scheduled.


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So this happened yesterday.

They’re both in Kentucky for 2 weeks.  TWO. WEEKS.

Yesterday was a hectic morning.  I drove to work for 3 hours, drove home, loaded kids and in-laws into the car, dropped them off at LAX, ran back to work, met with two more clients, then my final client canceled last second.

And suddenly, after what has felt like months of running around like a maniac…

I was free.

And I had no idea what to do.

The walk to the car:

“I should go shopping!  No, I should go home first and take inventory and then go shopping.  Wait, no, no rush for food because we don’t have to pack lunches tomorrow.  I can read that book I’ve been wanting to read for 4 years!  No, I should take a nap! No, I should go for a bike ride, I can never do that when I have the kids.  I should bike ride to the library!!  No, I should be productive now, then I can nap later.  I should clean.  No, I should relax.”

And round and round we go.  It was like my brain couldn’t process anything.  Hopefully the next few days of decision making for myself will be less anxiety-producing.

It’s 3pm

May 30, 2016 § 1 Comment


And a holiday.  With no school.  But still work for both parents.  Which meant four hours in the pool with clients this morning for me, and a husband at the hospital until 8pm.  And a toddler newly recovered from a really brutal 5-day stomach virus that apparently turned her into a Snow White humanoid with superhuman energy.  Who will not nap.

Anyone else googling “wine spritzer recipes”?

Screenshot 2016-05-30 15.29.12

Two minutes only if you’re a really slow pourer.

Serves two.


You’re welcome.

Evening walks

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Every night he’s there.  Watching.

Stay Wild

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I never take selfies (“WHY??” I hear your collective mental chorus screaming, as you take in the above shot).  And no, before you ask, that picture has not been photoshopped.  That is me in my natural state about 3 minutes ago.  No makeup, no fancy filters.  In my PJs.  Even the eye bags are all natural.  #blessed

But the thing is, because I never have my camera turned around, I always forget that on my phone the automatic built-in setting for selfies is called “Beauty face”.   And it says it right there on the screen.  Every time.

beauty face


It’s the best.

ANYWAYYYY…the reason I took the selfie in the first place is because this morning three extraordinary things happened:

  1. I have no clients today
  2. Paul is home and took the kids for an hour
  3. My coffee was really, really good

So the obvious direction my morning would take was to drink another cup of coffee — HOT coffee — BY MYSELF and do something “productive”.

I never drank coffee until I started getting up at 4:45am to coach swim practice before work.  And even then half the time I’d drink tea.  Because coffee stains your teeth and gives you bad breath and is addictive.

Today, if I could mainline coffee, I would.

But maybe it’s a good thing I can’t, because I have found that drinking a really good cup first thing in the morning is one of the best things IN THE WORLD.  Right up there with a getting a surprise package in the mail or a good morning BM.  It can change the course of your entire day.  And this morning, my coffee was DELICIOUS.  And I am riding that high.

That’s all.  That’ my entire point.  The message I felt compelled to shout from the rooftops.  Good coffee is so good.  Highly recommend getting some.

And if you were wondering…


That is the coffee I had this morning.  Garibaldi Goods is where you can buy it and other delicious things.

Happy Friday.


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