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This arrived in our mailbox two days ago.  I literally guffawed when I saw the cover.

Get away

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As I type this I am currently sitting (ALONE) on a balcony, with no tiny people yelling or clawing at my feet, with the above view.

But this ends today.  We head back home as soon as they drag us, kicking and screaming, from our hotel room.

The past week and a half have been some of the greatest weeks ever.  We had a little reunion with family, attended a extra glorious wedding, and actually escaped for two days BY OURSELVES to this beautiful sanctuary where we were able to get some solid uninterrupted reading, non-alcohol induced sleep, exercise, and general R&R.

So needed.  Feeling rejuvenated and ready for the final 10 months of residency.

The Ventura Half Marathon

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The Trail of Snot.  That is how I will remember this race.  I felt fine, but that cold/virus/whatever my children gave me two weeks ago is still clearing itself out and I left quite a few snot rockets in my wake…including, possibly, on other runners trying to pass me.  That’ll teach them.

But anyway.

The first two+ miles of this race were not good.  It was slow.  Felt awful.  Gave up all hope of breaking 2 hours, maybe even finishing.  Why bother.  This was terrible.

I should know this by now, but I need a little bit of time to warm up.

Mile 3 things started to kick into gear.  I felt like I was working harder than I should be given the fact I had another 10 miles to go and that, by all other indicators, this would not end well.

But by Mile 4 I figured that since it was already happening, I’d just keep going that hard as long as I could.  #strategy

At Mile 5 I started walking through the aid stations because I got tired of soaking myself and having most of the water go up my nose.

Mile 6 a guy with super buff arms befriended me.  We ran together for about half a mile until I LEFT HIM IN THE DUST.

The turnaround point was a highlight, because the marathon runners ran straight and we got to head back, so I took a moment to appreciate the fact that I dodged that bullet.

The second half we were running into a headwind.  But I managed to maintain my speed and was still in control and killing it.  This race was going to be a cakewalk.  Why don’t I always use this strategy?

giphymile 7

Mile 10 I hit wall #1.  Mile 11.5 came wall 2.

Right around Mile 11, based on my watch (which was a little bit off the official time), I realized that I could *probably* break 1:45 if I hung on.  And once I realized that I had to do it.  Had to.

That’s when things got ugly.  My body was like, “Sorry, you did not adequately prepare me for this, stop right now.”  And I was like, “NO, BODY!  I’M THE BOSS HERE!”  and my body was like, “F*** you,” and my entire body, arms included, started to burn then go numb.  I tried to stay calm and not puke.

Mile 12 Buff Arms passed me.  And there was nothing I could do about it.

When I crossed the finish line my heart rate was 195.  Based on the Mayo Clinic’s method of calculating, my max heart rate should be 185.  I almost exploded.  Finish line pictures will be keepers.

I crossed the finish in 1:45:03.  God.  Dammit.

I wore my Garmin, which spit out a bunch of info that I probably didn’t need to know but is fun (for me) to look at.


Total elevation 52 feet.  Shwing.

Discrepancies in distance due to starting my watch a little late, and having it pause itself when I slowed down too much at the aid stations (a setting I have it on for when I do city running because it’s awesome at lights).

For posterity’s sake, and since I have them so neatly packaged right in front of me, my splits:


Wrapped it up with these puppies:


Why is running so fun.

The poor friend who I convinced to sign up for the full marathon did indeed finish, but did so while deathly ill.  CHELSEA, YOU ARE CRAZY but also a rockstar.  Feel better soon, girl.

Now I’m off to eat 1300 calories and completely negate this entire experience.


Carbo load

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This is what life looks like when you buy a 5lb bag of baby carrots and, once you realize that there is no way the three people in your family who have enough teeth to eat carrots will be able to finish them before they go bad, decide that the best way to use them is in muffins.  Which means you need to shred them all.  But you don’t have a food processor.

Please note my neighbor’s Death Star nightlight in the background.  It’s even more impressive turned on.

Tomorrow is the Ventura half marathon.  It’ll be my first half since NYC in 2013.


If all goes according to plan tonight, it will be the first half marathon I’ve raced where I am not either hungover or pregnant.  Which, theoretically, should bode well for a PR.  Theoretically.


Guess who’s back…Back again…

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If there are two things I love they are sugar and Trader Joe’s impenitent attitude towards knockoffs.  (These things aren’t even that delicious, but I could easily eat 1500 calories of them within an hour.  And sometimes I do.  Accidentally.  Like today.)

…which in no way segues into bringing the blog back to life!  Welcome back friends!  It feels good to be here.

It’s been a rough few years for Rambulatory, there were periods of time where I seriously considered abandoning it altogether.  But I think we may be on the upswing.  So for those die hard fans out there (hi mom and dad!), hold on to your butts.

Basic updates:

Threenager with lots of unsolicited opinions:


…and climbing:file_000-5

Not as hilarious as he seems to think it is.

This is largely why things have been quiet.  Similar to my Target trips, I don’t know how many updates like this any given person wants to hear.  But we’re going to give it a shot.

We all (surprise!) got sick last week, and I’m still fighting to breathe through my nose, but still on for the race this weekend.  My running has been inconsistent if nothing else.  So that should be pretty.  Good news is it’s a.) not the full marathon, and b.) my aunt and friend will be joining me (my friend actually doing the full…because I told her I was doing it and then bailed…because apparently that’s the kind of friend I am) on the run!  Misery loves company–I mean strength in numbers.


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File_000 (3)

…and we’re back!  You know how it goes.  Kids come back, life gets busy, your bathroom floor is always covered in piles of toilet paper…

Time for a quick review of the Road to the Ventura Marathon:

  1. The week before I signed up for the marathon I had a series of really solid runs, including a 9 mile run with the stroller where I CRUSHED IT.  I decided I needed to sign up for another marathon immediately to try to qualify for Boston.  Because I was SO READY.
  2. Registered for Ventura two days later.
  3. The day after registering went for an easy 8 mile run and my knee blew up.  Hasn’t happened in years.  Had to walk the last mile.
  4. Decided it was because my shoes were old (they were).  Got new shoes and took a few days off to let it recover for a little bit.
  5. It didn’t.
  6. After 6 weeks of going through that cycle and not seeing improvement, I contacted the race director and asked if I could downgrade to the half.  He said yes.

And just like that, in the spirit of race-bailing that has dominated the past three years of my life, marathon #2 is out.  Wah wah.

But we still have the half, so it’s something.


Up Next

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IMAG1245back when i used to have all my toenails

You know what they say: When the kids are away, the mothers will…sit on the couch in their sweats drinking wine and sign up for marathons.