Like everywhere else on the east coast, it snowed here last night.  And so of course the cat refused to go outside and peed in the house.  Fantastic.

So long, fall.  You were great while you lasted.


Twice the fun

IMG_20131106_112028I went for my run a little later than usual this morning, and the crossing guards for the local elementary schools were out.  They guarded me when I was crossing, which I thought was hilarious (because I’m not 3 feet tall) but also made my day.  It’s the little things.

The trees are out in full force.


And leaves rain down on you.


Paul is interviewing for residencies right now, and there’s a chance we’ll be back out in CA next year.  I think about that on these runs.  If we do move, I will miss running here this time of year.  A lot.

IMG_20131106_111259Speaking of running in the bluegrass, Margaret just sent me an email and let me know that she has registered…

Run the Bluegrass

…for Run the Bluegrass at the end of March!  Guess that means two races for me this spring.  I AM SO EXCITED!

Oh God here we go…


The fuzzy socks are out and in full effect.  So are the guerrilla warfare tactics in the neverending thermostat battle.


Leaves are falling, colors are changing, runs are getting cold.


Babies are getting “big” (it’s all relative).

IMG_20131020_183909post-run greeting party

…and tomorrow I go back to work.  Ugh.