Better than I ever even knew

New week, new song obsession.

Last week it was Robyn (I know, she’s weird). This week it’s Lana Del Rey. There’s a good chance you’ve already seen this video, it has almost 7 million views on YouTube, but I’m just discovering her and I am hooked.

I’m not sure what’s happening with her upper lip in the video, but her voice…  Amazing. I was poking around and found a few of her other songs (here and here and here) and I can kind of listen to them all day long.   That last song might be my favorite.



…and I’m back from the Rez!

Arizona/New Mexico/Utah was cool, got back in last night around midnight.  So waking up this morning was fun.  Pics from this weekend to follow shortly.  But in the meantime, this is neat.  Yesterday Twitter released a video visualizing all the tweets around the world mentioning 11.11.11 (each “1” signifies activity referencing the date, the size of the 1 correlates with the volume of tweets.)

Pretty cool to watch the 11:11 wave ride across the world (can you tell which countries don’t use the 24-hour clock?)

Guess what I wear as a hat? A lentil.

To counter my busy weekend at the state fair, I got a last minute ticket out to the left coast and am doing a grand tour from San Francisco to San Diego.  I am currently in Orange County, heading to San Diego tomorrow.  So posts may be slow coming the next week.  To keep you company over the long days ahead, here is Marcel the Shell.

This Too Shall Pass

Again, another post about a totally non-hike related topic, but I wanted to see if I could embed a video.  And this OK Go video, with a Rube Goldberg masterpiece created entirely by volunteers that took more than 60 takes to get right, was just too cool not to embed.

More information on the video here.