Someone has been banished from daycare for the second week in a row for congestion.  It has also been BRUTALLY hot in southern California (our house was a chill 100 degrees yesterday afternoon. Inside.) Which makes it close to impossible to do anything during the day except sit in one place and sweat.

Paul is still working nights.  We rarely see him.  And after the umpteenth time of daycare telling me that I can’t bring her back until the end of the week….


Seriously, is this normal?  For daycares to reject kids with runny noses that they picked up from…wait for it…daycare?  I mean, I get it, but it’s a vicious cycle.

Anyway, this inevitably led to a spontaneous mid-week trip to SB so Memaw can watch HH for stretches during the day and I can actually accomplish some work.  I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing if I didn’t work from home and have family nearby…aside from being let go from my job because I’d be bringing a little snot machine maniac to the office with me every day.

So here we are, back up north.  Enjoying some time with the Greats.  Hope you’re all surviving the heat.

What’s in a Name


I am now officially well into my third trimester, less than 2 months to go.  Things just got real.

So I guess it’s time to start thinking about reality.  Like work schedule and sleeping arrangements and…baby names.

Plus, those of you familiar with the internet most likely saw this happened yesterday, making the topic all the more apropos.

To preface this, I would like to start by saying that when trying to come up with names for the chickens, Paul’s initial suggestions were Flufflybutt and Bugkiller.  So that’s what we’re working with.

Baby names are the most fun thing about having a baby…or at least that is what I’ve believed since I was 6.  Turns out it can also be stressful.  So stressful, in fact, that you can hire a consultant to help you find the perfect name for your baby.  I mean…what.

But really, what is the best way to go?  Family name?  Will that offend the other side of the family? Something totally obscure (like Fedora…true story) or run the risk of having your last initial permanently tacked to the end of your child’s name?  Spelling variations?  Gender neutral?  Is it OK to name your kid the same thing as a dog you once knew if you REALLY like the name?  What if you’ve found the perfect name, but the kid’s initials are ASS?  Is that OK?  Throw in the fact that everyone, even strangers, are amazingly opinionated about what other people name their babies….and game over.  Done playing.

So, yes, we do have a short list.  And since we’ve already found out the gender (it’s a girl), and since Kanye and Kim just stole our front runner, we’ve decided we’re going to follow suit keep the name a surprise until little Helga Homerette Hennig makes an appearance.


382982_10100268319931556_1868631028_nmom and dad in the middle and on the right, best friend david on the left.  1966.

Happy 45th anniversary to my parents, who (I hope) will love their grandbaby no matter how ridiculous the name is.  45 years is a really freaking long time.