Run, Run River


run, run river
carry me
to my home in the ocean
carry me away

Friends, meet my new running partner.  The majestic Ballona Creek, in all its glory.

Ballona Creek is not technically part of the LA river, but much like the LA river it “cut(s) for miles through the city, along the concrete rims of our iconic, man-made waterways.”  And it is where I spend a lot of hot, hot afternoons.

Let me tell you what is awesome about Ballona Creek:


This.  A completely uninterrupted bike path that runs somewhere between 7-8 miles from Culver City to the beach.  You don’t have to cross a single road.  And there is an onramp less than 3 blocks from our place.

This beautiful, undisturbed continuity does mean there are some underpasses (and by “some” I mean many) which force hill training into the mix…


…as well as fartleks since I usually sprint as fast as I can past the mini homeless camps when I go under them.  Especially the 405.

And while the creek has its fair share of overturned shopping carts, sketchy characters, and apparently runs through gang territory (uhhhh), bike traffic is heavy enough that I have never felt seriously unsafe.

Plus the jungle sprouting up from the concrete, bright shades of green gunk lining the creek bed, murals on the onramps, views of the oil-derrick-spotted Baldwin Hills, and little alcoves of green along this exposed, parched path does carry its own sort of beauty.

IMG_20140702_112127 (1)IMG_20140708_095859

IMG_20140628_112915 (1)

Not bad.