Where oh where has October gone…

{Celebrated a wedding with old friends in Colorado}

David and Mom, 1966

{and the life of an old friend in Seal Beach}


{…some trail running in Barea…}

{…and Kentucky football games at Commonwealth Sadium…}

{…a little pumpkin baked deliciousness at home (recipe here)…}

{…and domestic adventures in canning…}

{…seasonal reading (yes, this book is from the “required high school reading” section of the library and is labeled “teen” on the cover)…}

{…and, of course, fall sunsets.}

Weekend Home

After a harrowing trip back that involved an attempt to fly through some nasty thunderstorms in the South only to turn around and head back to Chicago, sharing a hotel room with a stranger from my flight, and over 20 hours of delays, I am back in Kentucky.  Though it rained on Friday, there was no snow in Santa Barbara while I was there, and Saturday and Sunday the weather was BEAUTIFUL…

…as was the bride at the wedding we attended.

Saturday morning we woke up to clear skies, so first I went for a run along the beach…

…then joined my parents for stadiums at SBCC…

…then met up with another old friend who just happened to be in town at our old stomping grounds…

…for a swim.

Then we headed to the wedding and reception down at the Bathhouse…

…and the next morning drove back down to LA to begin the 36 hour trek back to Kentucky.

Also got to make a trip to Trader Joe’s (exciting) since there is no TJ’s in the state of Kentucky (a sad truth), see some really good friends for the first time in years, and enjoy the sun.  What more could you ask for.  Hope to be back soon.

Give a little bit…

I got this mug at Starbucks a few weeks ago after a colleague totally freaked out on me for using her Buffy the Vampire Slayer mug that was sitting in the kitchen cupboard at work.  True story.

Last night I tried to bake cookies shaped like hearts for the morning swim group while watching the 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.  (No tie to Valentines day…just another wonderful find on Netflix Teen Drama.  Flashback to me and my 15-year-old friends going to the movies in our matching bomber jackets.)   Anyway, the heart shape was kind of a major fail.  But they taste fine.

On this Valentines Day I did a little reading.  There is all sorts of folklore about St. Valentine and what exactly he did that ultimately led to his name being forever affiliated with those little sugar hearts that say “You’re Hot” and “Call Me”.   In the extensive research I’ve done (read: Wikipedia) I have found that the only thing everyone agrees on is that someone named Valentine was martyred sometime before 500 AD.  Nothing about Valentine and marriage or amour.

So this Valentines Day remember that love is more than telling that special someone they are “So Fine” via candy heart.  It can be as simple as giving your seat to a stranger on the bus, saying thank you to the janitor that cleans your building, or lending a hand to a clueless coworker who may accidentally trespass on your property.

Happy Valentines.


Meet Spike…and his hippo.   The newest members of the family (and hiking enthusiasts.)

We got Spike from a farm in Eastern Kentucky that serves as a rescue for dogs from high-kill shelters.  The father of the family that runs the farm (who came out wearing overalls with no t-shirt and a John Deer trucker hat), told us he is a little less than a year old, most likely full grown, probably a Boston Terrier mix, and that he “sure is sumpin’ else”.  (He came with the name.)  Aside from the fact that he’s taken 2 dumps in Paul’s closet (even though they said he was housebroken…fortunately he is small and so are his turds), he is pretty cool.   And he (and his hippo) would like to meet you.

For some more pics, you can go here.