Dark ‘n’ Stormy

IMG_20131031_113953“Watching” the World Series.  

We all hit a pretty big wall about mid-week.  Except for a tiny someone.  Going back to work is taking its toll.

Today is super dark and stormy.  Appropriate for Halloween, right?  Or so you’d think.  Turns out it can be TOO dark and stormy.

Trick or treating has been cancelled tonight.  Seriously. The mayor made the announcement this morning.  I had no idea that mayors had that power to re-assign holidays.  Apparently they do.

I’ve decided to celebrate anyway by spending some quality time in the lactation station freaking myself out.  I have a short run on the docket for after work, but with the storm outside it probably means a treadmill run.  So the odds of that happening are…slim to none.

So on this dark and stormy night  I will probably go home and watch Donnie Darko.  And maybe dress HH up in the 4-sizes-too-big pea pod costume that Marsha got her at the baby consignment store for a dollar.  Because I don’t have enough energy to do much else.

Happy Halloween.

Update: Peapod costume fits!  Trick or treat success.


Someone just said it looks like Paul is holding a stuffed animal.