Double Whammy: Racing the Delta

Good MOOOOORNING Mississippi!

As I mentioned earlier a group of us (including Paul) headed down south this past weekend for some back-to-back races at Memphis in May: a sprint triathlon on Saturday and an olympic on Sunday.  In addition to the Paula Deen buffet, the race had an Amateur Challenge with cash prizes for the top 15 combined times for men and women who did both races.

Again, to spare you from pages of detail that most of you don’t care about anyway, below are haikus highlighting the important parts.

Race #1: Sprint Saturday (400m swim, 14m bike, 5k run)
Out of the water
Freak clown monster face like woah
So terrifying

Race #2: Olympic Sunday (1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K run)
New triathlon suit
Means zipper chafing on chest
Legs feel like cement

Paul’s 10K leg of the Olympic Race
Paula Deen and heat
Cannot stop this beastly man
From dominating

56 minutes

Paul was super relieved that he didn’t die on the run.  I ended up 7th in the Amateur Challenge which = DOLLA DOLLA BILL!  (almost enough to cover my entry fee…ha)  Still stoked.  Spike missed us and was very happy when Paul came home to study with him again. 

Full race reports posted here and here.