In for the Long Run

Now that I’m actually signed up for a race (that is 4 weeks away…) it’s time to start throwing some longer runs into the weekly routine.

Saturday was a non-running day, aside from a 1.5m jog around downtown Lexington as part of a relay for Big Blue Crossfit, of which my friend Mary is a member (she asked me last second if I could fill an empty leg of the relay, I said sure).

It was a COMPLETELY GORGEOUS day in Lexington, and after a nice bike ride downtown, a yoga class, and the relay, I was ready to go be productive.

But before that, Mary suggested that we stop for a beer at a local pub with the rest of the relay team, where there were a bunch of Irish dudes watching the Ireland-Russia rugby game (Mary’s a big time rugby player/coach.)  And because I have no social life, I said sure why not.

Enter: accidental day drinking.

Before I knew it it was 10pm and I was heading home still wearing my running clothes and not having showered from my 9am hot yoga class or the run…which was probably pretty awesome for everyone else in the bar.

Sunday:  9 mile run on the docket.  Yeah, right.  Most of the day was spent on the couch like this:

Finally, at 4:30, after nap #2, I dragged myself off the couch, pulled my running shoes on, and headed out the door.

The first 3 miles felt absolutely horrific.  My stomach was sloshing, legs were heavy, I was verping every 2 minutes…it was gross.  But I just kept reminding myself it didn’t have to be fast, I just had to finish it.  I turned on a podcast and did the best I could to just zone out.

As the sun dropped the winds picked up and clouds started rolling in, making for some pretty spectacular skies.

Before I knew it I was actually moving along at a solid clip feeling a million times better than I had all day long.  About an hour and 20 minutes later I walked back through the front door feeling like a new person.  The difference in how you feel before and after those runs is really amazing.

Almost always worth getting off the couch.