Safety Dance


This is what happens when it’s icy and dark until 8am and the sun doesn’t shine for 3 weeks (literally).  Fuzzy Xmas socks that I normally sleep in, worn to work with my narsty old flats because my feet are too cold without them.  Awful.  On so many levels.

Despite the nastiness outside, I have refused to go back to running on the treadmill.  Partially because every time I run on the treadmill my headphones shock me, so the whole time I am on there I’m in a state of perpetual anxiety.  But mostly because the treadmill is boring.  And inside.

So what does that mean?  It means I’ve been breaking my hard rule and about running alone in the dark.  And I justify it by bringing Spike.


I’m not sure how I convince myself that he will protect me, or at the very least deter someone from attacking me.  Because a 15 lb mutt in a tiny jacket with a blinking light on his back is probably about as useful as a butter knife.

I do have mace, but I’ve been hesitant to bring it because I would guess, with relative certainty, that given enough time I’ll end up spraying myself or the dog  or some innocent child walking to school in the early morning.  I do, however, always wear my Road ID, so when someone finds my body at the very least they’ll know what allergies I have and who to call.

It’s time for me to re-evaluate my safety system.  And for the days to get a little longer.

I’m ready for summer.