Forever Young


You know how they say that one of the best parts of being a parent is re-living your childhood?   A few weeks ago I bought bubbles.


I hadn’t really up until that point, but if you think about it, bubbles are pretty crazy.  Especially if you’re starting from scratch.  Out of nowhere emerges a translucent, floating globe that is rainbow and glassy and fragile and silent and drifts on the wind…non-existent, here, then gone.

Tiny was fascinated by them.  And terrified.  Kind of how she was with stickers the first time the guy at Trader Joes handed her one and it stuck to her hand.  Panic.


She’s since recovered.  Hello Kitty stickers now adorn every knee-level item in our home.  Including Spike.

True to form, within a day she overcame her bubble fear and has since attempted to drink the the soap whenever it’s left unattended and started demanding bubbles at bath time.

But now she knows what to expect.  She still gets excited when one suddenly appears, but they aren’t quite so mysterious anymore.  There’s no moment of silent terror when a bubble slowly drifts towards her head, no trepidation in reaching out to pop one.  Some of that magic has already dissipated. It’s amazing how quickly that begins to happen.  And it makes me a little sad.

Fortunately the world is full of everyday objects that I no longer notice, waiting to be discovered by two year olds.  Because taking a moment to realize how incredible it is that an airplane can go zooming by 5,000 feet over your head makes life so much more fun.  Sometimes you just need someone to remind you.