Hike #6: Lands End

Location: San Francisco (Richmond District)

Distance: 3 miles

Entry fee: $0

This hike borders on too short to be a hike, but considering the fact that it is

a.) on dirt trails

b.) requires you to climb some hills, and

c.) has some really spectacular views

I decided to count it.  This is a perfect hike if you would like some fantastic viewage of the Bay and want to feel like you are in Nature…all while being a stone’s throw from 19th Ave.

Somebody had said that doing this hike at night during a full moon is really awesome.  So on Saturday, with a break in the rain and the biggest full moon of the year on the docket, we decided that would be a perfect night to do just that.

Unfortunately, due to poor planning on our part, we arrived just after sunset and the moon didn’t crest the first hill until we were almost back at the place that we parked our car.  So we did most of the hike in pitch black with no flashlights…which had the potential to be dangerous (lots of steps to trip on and cliffs to walk off of.)  But we survived without major incident and even made the trip down to the cove rock beach, which was very cool (even in the dark) and got a good look at the stars (and thanks to the Google Sky app on Molly’s Droid, IDed a bunch of constellations.)

Once we rounded the final corner of the bay on our way back, the moon was indeed out and very, very bright.  It lit up the bay over the bridge, making for an amazing panoramic that our wimpy little cameras simply could not capture.

Hike #6: a short success.  I would like to go back and re-do it during the day.

Lessons learned: The reason pirates wore eye patches is so they could run below deck, switch their patch over to the other eye, and be able to see without a lantern, not because they had missing eyes (courtesy of Molly)

Flora and Fauna: Cassiopeia, Orion, Pleiades, Mars, Jupiter (I know, technically stars and planets aren’t flora or fauna….but it was dark out)

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