Hikes on Hold

So that “rapidly escalating” case of poison oak from the second Mt. Tam hike has spread to my leg, side, and back, and is now a full-blown skin infection (I know, disgusting…that phrase comes in a (distant) second to mucus plug for words that should never be next to each other.)   I am on steroids,  antibiotics, benedryl…blah blah…anyway, point being, wearing clothes and walking really irritates everything.  My condition has already postponed two scheduled urban hikes…so we are officially on hold until further notice.  (This is especially disappointing because the past 10 days have been Beer Week in San Francisco, so we missed out on some awesome microbrews and presentations and tastings.)  Oh well.

Because she is such a good friend, Molly will be guest blogging to cover a few hikes that I was scheduled to participate in but couldn’t attend.   MOLLY ROCKS

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