La Copa Mundial–Portenos Gone Wild

As some of you probably know (and as every man, woman, child, and unborn infant in this city knows) the World Cup starts the week after next.  This is a big deal for Argentina because:

This World Cup team has been dominating the news, with hours devoted to discussing what time the team bus is expected to arrive at the practice field, how many fans are there, goodies that the Argentinian football federation has sent to the team in South Africa, and what the team eats before and after games (mostly meat and dulce de leche, if you were wondering).  There are 20 page inserts to the Saturday paper devoted solely to stories on the World Cup.  Headlines like “The Road of Dreams” and “Cristiano (Ronaldo) Ready for Battle”  (with a picture of Ronaldo in military fatigues, face paint, and perfectly coiffed hair…apparently the Portuguese National Team held a pump-up practice where they all dressed in fagtigues and Ronaldo was dropped onto the field from a military helicopter…seriously) abound.  

This is going to be awesome.

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