The bus ride

Dear Expreso Singer Bus Company,

Thank you for the cold congealed egg-quiche thing for dinner in both directions.  It was delicious and almost made up for the fact that we got in 2 hours late.  Also thank you for showing:  Brigada Explosiva: Mision Pirata, Time Cop 2: The Berlin Decisionand The Shephard with Jean-Claude Van Damme.  Fat old men ogling former porn stars while they chase around a person dressed up like a monkey is not only quality entertainment, but also super appropriate for the small children on board.  On that note, discouraging families with multiple children under the age of 6 on trips exceeding 15 hours might not be a bad policy to consider.   Also, the military personnel boarding the bus, searching through our bags, and waking up said children (and us) in the middle of the night–twice–seemed a little excessive.  But again, the 2.5 hours of pre-pubescent vocals from La Banda Ruta 66 concert at full volume made up for any and all inconveniences.

P.S. Two thumbs up on the company motto (“Disintegrating an atom is easier than a prejudice”).  Catchy.

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