They’re Waving Your Flag

For those of you out there that are still out of the loop, the World Cup started today (with two tied games, Mexico-South Africa and France-Uruguay.)  Argentina has its first game tomorrow at 11am (our time).  Already every single street vendor in the city is selling Argentine flags, horns, blue and white striped hats, socks, shirts, gloves, underwear, onesies…everything.  On the news tonight the #1 story was a combined “The first shots of Argentina before their game with Nigeria” and interviews with Maradona’s daughter, Dalma.  From our 4th floor apartment right now, as we prepare to go out, I can hear people singing, yelling, and honking their horns in the streets.

Brace yourself.

Update: Brandon pointed out to me that “Now wave your flag”, not this title, is, in fact, the final line to the WC song.  Whatever.

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