Argentina 4, South Korea 1

Argentina’s second game was at 8:30am local time today (Thursday).  For a country that generally doesn’t get rolling before 10 or 11, being woken up at 8am with honking horns and vuvuzelas in the street was weird.  Paul and I went down the street to a cafe for the first half (Jesus watched from the couch).  The cafe was packed, we sat down, and I ran upstairs to the bathroom real quick (you can guess where this is going.)   Of course, as soon as I settle in in the stall, the cafe freaks out…GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!  Son of a…

Fortunately, within the next 10 minutes, they scored again.  At half time (score: 2-1), Paul and I decided to make our way down to Plaza San Martin, which was paaaaaacked. 

When we got here I kind of expected every game to be a huge party, considering all the celebration beforehand.  In reality, watching the game is a pretty intense experience.  Until there is a goal, or a run on the goal, everything is pretty silent.  Not a lot of chit chat, people are concentrating.  Intense watching.  Anyway, in the second half, Argentina scored two more times.  Huge celebration.  The announcers are beside themselves.  Maradona is a genius.  Messi is amazing.  Argentina is on its way to the championship.  All is right in the world.

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