Holiday Review

…and we’re back from the Lull.

A summary of what’s new:

We stuck around town for the holidays, Christmas Eve was our one year anniversary (Paul took me out to dinner and his brother Karl was nice enough to be our chaufer).  We woke up to fresh snow Christmas morning for our walk over to the inlaws.  

Paul and Spike in the front yard, Christmas day

Paul got me a pink Wicked Witch of the West commuter bike to ride around town, which has been great because I can now ride to work instead of walk.  Cuts my commute down by like 20 minutes.  Awesome.   Paul got P90X, which he has started doing every day, but because he refuses to let me see him do it (he just stops cold if I walk in the room and yells at me to get out…I guess it involves a lot of jumping and weird positions or something?) I still have no idea what it is.   Spike got a huge stuffed dog with squeakers in both hands, which he carries around the house with him all day long.

We rang in the New Year with my friend Kristin, some pizza from Mello Mushroom, and Paul and Drew.  I discovered the Fx Camera App on my phone (a little late, I know) and promptly became obsessed.

new years eve

new years day



rainy day walk

With the new year also came a new wave of motivation to figure out exactly what I am going to do here in Kentucky for the next few years (besides cook poorly and try not to get shot by hunters while hiking.)  While my current job at the University is great for the short term and I am truly grateful to be gainfully employed, I am still looking for something more permanent.  

Onward and upward!

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