The Haps

For those of you who are unaware (most likely all of you…I don’t think this blog has many local followers), it has been a big few days at Governor Brashear’s office here in Kentucky.  A sit-in at the Governor’s office with local activists, authors, teachers, and scholars began on Thursday.  It coincided with the I Love Mountains march yesterday bringing together thousands of people from across the state in a push to end Mountain Top Removal (MTR).

Before coming to Kentucky I had heard of MTR but knew very little about it.  Give yourself 24 hours here and the “Friends of Coal” license plates and “I heart Coal” bumper stickers littering the roads of Kentucky make clear the fact that coal companies have quite a wide reach in these here parts.  While it may seem that these happenings in Appalachia have little to do with you, remember that over half of the electricity produced in the country comes from coal.  The world is small, the US even smaller.  You may be more connected than you think.

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