This rainy afternoon a new book came in the mail for Paul.

What we have learned so far:

  • Chickens have muffs (tufts of feathers around their ears…ear muffs)
  • If you don’t have a rooster, one of the hens in the coop will take on the roll of protector of the group and stop laying eggs
  • Chickens that aren’t fed enough protein can become cannibalistic (ugh)
  • Chickens can lose their toes from frostbite
  • Chickens “don’t make good choices”, and…
  • (…speaking of good choices…)  Cats and large dogs are usually cool with them and won’t bother chickens.  Most problematic?  Small dogs.

Paul is convinced we can teach Spike that the chickens are “part of the family” and he’ll leave them alone.  I told him fine, but if there is an incident I am not cleaning up the mess.

9 thoughts on “Cluck

  1. CHICKENS HAVE MUFFS! hahhah! awesome i love it. Lots of peeps out here have chickens maybe you should come take a crash course from them 🙂
    MISS YOU MUFF! (not the chicken kind)! xo

  2. Me: Have you read Meagan’s blog today? They’re going to raise chickens.

    Joe: Because they’re so good at raising plants?

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