This Is Where I Play With Fire

Books, books, books…

This Is Where I Leave You by Johnathan Tropper
GREAT BOOK.  Really entertaining, parts of it are hilarious (though the subject matter is anything but…death, infidelity, being stuck in a house with your family for 7 days…)  I haven’t read any of his stuff before, but will check out some other novels.  Definitely worth a read.

The Girl Who Played With Fire by Steig Larsson
I know, everyone and their mother has already read this.  Good airplane book.  Plot driven, exciting, much better than the first (which I thought was kind of slow in the beginning), though it did get kind of…ridiculous?…toward the end.  (Like…SPOILER ALERT: A giant man with superhuman strength and exceptionally strong bones that are impossible to break who also has a strange disorder where he feels no pain.  Really?)  But still a fun read.  Have been told I should read the third one soon, so it’s on my list.

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