Day of Rest

At 7:30 on a Sunday morning the streets here are completely empty.  More so than anywhere else I’ve lived (welcome to the Bible Belt).  NO ONE is out.  I see more cars at 5am on a Tuesday.

So every Sunday I drag my butt out of bed kind of early for my long run.  There is something about running down the middle of the road, on your own, as the sun comes up.

It’s gonna be a good day.

2 thoughts on “Day of Rest

  1. I used to run early in the morning on West Campus at UCSB. Often it was dark and foggy so I would run along the center line of the road (at that hour few cars were on the road, actually none). One morning I literally ran into another jogger that was doing the same thing going the opposite direction. Scared the hell out of both of us.

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