A day at the farm

Last week Paul noticed that our compost pile was not composting (largely, I think, because he insists on leaving the top off so rain can get in, which is fine, but then animals get in there too and eat everything.  Plus it doesn’t heat up, which accelerates the composting process…one of the first things you learn when you are a camp counselor on Catalina Island and need to compost almost all of your waste…WHATUP CIC COMPOST BINS!)

So since worms weren’t showing up in there naturally, he decided he needed to add them.  He did some research and found out that the worms you can purchase online are a.) too numerous (you get like hundreds at a time), and b.) don’t always arrive alive.  So he decided we should make a trip down to the thoroughbred farm where his sister lives and dig up some red wigglers (yes, that’s the kind of worm we needed, and why he couldn’t do this in our own backyard, I’m not sure.)

So, on an absolutely beautiful Saturday morning, after a long run, we hopped in the car, cardboard wormbox in tow, and took a drive out to the country.  And what greeted us as we arrived?


The baby horses are out and about, with their knobby knees and scraggly fur. They are really frickin cute.  This one above was a ham, he loved to pose.

Anyway, we got to the house and were greeted by the Westies…

…which Spike was pretty happy about.  Paul got his box and we all went down to the river…

…to go worm hunting.

Success! (we got more than that one.)

And, of course, one of the best parts of going out to the farm:

What in Gods name, you might ask, are they?

Miniature donkeys.

As far as I can tell they serve no function other than entertainment.   They are pretty mean (why is it funny when little things get angry?) and will bite, so watch out.  They also actually go HEEHAW when you bring out food.

When we got home we went out to the compost and found it…already composted!  Paul switched his beer into a new carboy last week and had (unbeknownst to me) dumped all the yeast into the compost.

Surprise!  Basically overnight the yeast had decomposed everything.  Now we have some nice clean soil for the worms to play in.  Oh well.

For some more pics of the farm, go here.

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