A coworker of mine posted a note on the office kitchen wall that she has 2 tickets available for purchase for the Indianapolis 500 in May.  This, in turn, has led to a few conversations around the office about car racing.  Which is how yesterday I learned out that my other (male) coworker and Paul share the same favorite NASCAR driver:

Mr. Trickle is the most winningest short track driver in history.  He is 70 years old and still races. In 1984 he won NASCAR Rookie of the Year driving #84 Miller High Life Buick (the champagne of beers, see above), and he used to drill a hole in his helmet so he could smoke his cigarette while he drove.  And his name is Dick Trickle.

…and that’s all the knowledge I have to impart on you today.  This afternoon I fly down to Atlanta to wish my sister safe travels as she departs on her first deployment for the US Army, so I probably won’t be back online until Monday.

Have a good weekend.

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