I’m alive!

…and back from Hawaii!  I know I really fell off the boat (is that even a phrase?) in terms of keeping this thing updated, but things got a little insane right before I left and I didn’t use the computer once while hanging out on the Big Island.

So what was I doing all this time away from the computer?

Well, a little bit of this…

…a little bit of this…

…and a little bit of this.

Yes, I found the most flattering picture I could, taken by a friend who was thoughtful enough to pull out her camera while I was getting my wound numbed up before they put in stitches.

And if you’re wondering what kind of face that is, it’s a “oh no biggie I’m tough done this a million times this doesn’t hurt but really I feel like I’m going to barf or cry or both but I see someone has their camera out so I’m going to try to smile/give a thumbs up for the picture” face.  Turns out that probably isn’t the look I should have gone for.

Full race report to come soon.

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