Hot Hot Heat

Yes, that’s right.  Hotness to the max.

Weather forecast for today…and yesterday, and the day before that, and tomorrow: too hot to move with lots of humidity.

The good news about the heat is that it’s PERFECT weather to go enjoy a swim outside now that the public pools are open.  And considering I’m registered for the Big Shoulders 5K open water swim in Chicago in September and have swam exactly twice in the past 5 weeks, this pool motivation is a good thing.  Got a long swim workout with Allison on the calendar tomorrow morning to get the ball rolling.

Time to get back in the water.   Aw hecks yeah.

The secret to these pools is to get there early, before the hairballs and bandaids take over.

Speaking of sporting events, BIG FAT SHOUT OUT to everyone who is racing the 70.3 in Munice, IN tomorrow.  Please don’t melt.  Remember, ice is your friend.

I’ll leave you with A Midsummer Evening’s Walk With Spike: In Pictures.

We got about a block before he plopped down and wouldn’t move.  So he got carried home.  Fortunately his baby pool was waiting for him there.

And yes, for reals.  Dog ice cream.  WTF Marsha.

Enjoy the weekend, stay cool.

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