Sucking Air

You may have noticed there hasn’t been much on here lately about exercise.  That would be because, aside from watching the Olympics, I haven’t been doing much of it.  And while it’s nice to know that I still have no problem whatsoever embracing time off to participate in other activities, I have also learned that my perception of my personal fitness level is not always in line with…well, reality.

Over the past 2 months I’ve been running about 2 times a week, usually no more than 4 miles (usually closer to 3), and always in the morning at a nice easy pace.   That being said, I ran the Bluegrass 10K on the 4th just fine, so I took that as a sign that I was maintaining my fitness level just fine…even though my motivation has been super low and I wasn’t really training.

Then this week my aunt Barbara who works at StrideRite sent me and Paul some REALLY FRICKIN SUPER AWESOME shoes.

These combined with the Mizuno Elixirs that I bought a few weeks ago, because I had to leave my stinky mcstinkster Brooks in Hawaii after the 70.3, got me kind of amped about getting back into running (because few things get me more excited about working out than getting new gear).  Plus, I am signed up for the Bourbon Chase again, so theoretically at some point I do need to start training.

So yesterday I got excited (for the first time in a long time) about doing an easy 5 miler after work then making a nice healthy dinner for Paul (who has had a pretty busy first week).

The super intense heat has mellowed out a little bit, but it’s still pretty warm…as in 91 degrees with 60% humidity at 6pm when I went for a run.

Again, relative to what we’ve been experiencing, it felt pretty good when you walked out the front door.  So I figured it’d be hot, but doable.  So I found a solid This American Life podcast on my phone, laced up my Kinarvas, and headed out the door.

Turns out I was wrong.

The first mile/mile and a half felt great.  The shoes are amazing.  Then, around the 10 minute mark, I started to hurt.  Like the kind of hurt where your chest burns and you feel like you’re going to ralph.  After 10 minutes.  And no matter how much I tried to slow down my jog, I couldn’t shake it.  First I blamed the heat (which was probably part of it), then the pollen (allergies have been bad lately)…I mean, really, what else could it be?

And then it hit me: I’m just out of shape.

I haven’t struggled like that in a long time.  My heart rate was through the roof.  Even switching my podcast over to One Direction on my RUN FASTER playlist couldn’t get me moving.  I walked twice.  I was super hot and super thirsty.  I felt like I may have a GI disaster at one point (but didn’t, crisis averted).  It was ugly.

My red-faced self got home from the debacle (not like the flushed, healthy-looking I-just-finished-working-out red, but the people-stop-what-they’re-doing-to-ask-you-“oh-my-god-are-you-ok?” kind of red), chugged a gatorade, and lay on the couch moaning while Paul chopped the veggies in the kitchen and kept asking me, “did you still want to make dinner or should I just do it?”  After about 15 minutes before I pulled my melodramatic self off the couch and re-engaged with the world.

The moral of the story: time to get back on the wagon.  Shooting for ~15-20 miles over the next week.  Quasi-regular training starts this weekend.

One final, sad (for me), relatively unrelated note: on Monday Allison hopped on a plane to Scotland to start vet school.

While, as with Kristin, I am happy for her to be moving on to something bigger and more exciting than sitting in Lexington coaching me for free (if that exists), my long rides and long runs won’t be the same without her going as slow as she possibly can giving me instruction while I struggle to keep up with her.  She will be sorely missed.

Enjoy your weekend.

One thought on “Sucking Air

  1. miss you too!!! but love this post. your hilarious. the heat and humidity can make anyone feel like a seal running uphill. so when are you coming to visit?

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