Just keep swimming… + a wedding

So it turns out August might not be the best month to really ramp up your swimming regimen in Lexington.  With the UK pool closed and half of the outdoor pools shut down because school has started, and the half that are open usually jam packed with 3 club teams sharing 4 lanes…it’s ugly.  So the only real option is getting up at 5 to go to the Y…which, seriously, I’m just not going to do during the one month of the year that I don’t coach.

But guess what’s just around the river bend.

Training started out ok…I was good about swimming at least 3500-4000 every day when we were out in SB in July, and when I got home from that trip I shocked myself by coming up with long sets and doing the whole thing after work BY MYSELF, including a few 3K swims straight for time.  Like, what?

But last week work got super busy with travel, and this past weekend I was out in LA for my cousins wedding, which calls for a…SIDE POST:

the beautiful bride and father

part of the paternal side of the fam looking so sad because we missed molly so much

a classy granny…i can only hope that this is genetic and i look that good at 86

…and my dad in a yarmulke

So the wedding was wonderful and the bride was stunning and…it was in LA!  So all of my time was spent either with family or in the ocean, or with family in the ocean.  No complaining there.  But none of it training.  Even though I sometimes count body surfing as a swim workout.  Almost.  Because it’s my favorite thing to do ever.

When I got back, crazy work schedule + Paul’s 24 hour shifts continued, along with a peeling forehead from forgetting to put on sunscreen (really great for client meetings.)  But I did finally manage to hop in on Thursday and squeeze a 2000 “for time” (really I just tried to hold a steady pace and feel comfortable) into my workout.  But that’s all I’ve done in almost 3 weeks.

Got another longer swim on the docket for tomorrow morning (anyone who wants to join…call me) and I’ll continue to do my best to cram for the next 3 weeks, but I’m pretty sure things are going to be touch and go until UK opens up again in September.

Moral of the story: might be best to start preparing for a painful swim in Chicago.

pic via

P.S.  Good luck to Joe who is running the Old Farts Marathon this weekend up in Michigan, a marathon that sounds brutal, is full of hills that appear to be named after my father and his brothers (Ed, Chuck…), and that you apparently don’t have to be an old fart to race in.   GO GET EM

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