A Most Winningest Week

This has been a week full of wins.

Win #1: my parents came to visit Kentucky for the first time.  In addition to paying for all of our food during their trip, my father broke the shower head in the guest bathroom.  So we went out and got a $20 replacement at Home Depot.  And when he hooked it up and turned on the shower…

Zing!  Blinking color-changing disco shower in the guest room.  I did not know these existed or this would have happened much sooner.  The color correlates with the water temperature.  Double win.


Two eggs in the penthouse.  MAJOR victorious win.

Also: I went for a 10 (turned 10.5) mile run, 4 miles of which were in new territory (I ran there with Alison once last year, but just followed her lead).  I didn’t write the new route on my hand, like I normally do…and I only got lost ONCE.  And it was a minor kind of lost, not the holy-crap-Paul’s-going-to-call-the-cops-because-I’ve-been-gone-for-3-hours kind of lost.  Add on to that a little bit of a change in scenery:

Serious personal win.

AND THANKSGIVING IS TOMORROW!  On the docket: a 12ish mile run, a little work, a lot of family, and a 10K+ calories in mashed potatoes alone.

Bring.  It.

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