February Failure


February Fitness was largely spent doing the above.  That’s really all there is to it.  But here are my monthly totals anyway:

Yoga: 4 hours + two semi-successful peacocks (I am temporarily suspended from attending my normal yoga class and have been trying to find a reasonable alternative, but that’s another story for another time)

Swim: 17,500 yards / 5hrs 30min

Run: 60.5 miles / 9hrs 15min

Geesh. Not really a ramp up from what I normally do, but…whatevs.

I cut 2 of my longer runs short this month due to feeling less than stellar.  Even so, not too worried about the half marathon.  But I did walk to work a whole bunch of times (4 miles round trip), which maybe might count for something sort of.

BUT!!  To counter all of this, one of my masters swimmers broke 100K yards of swimming this month, so I will take that as a personal victory (this guy would literally come to the pool 6 days a week and swim up to 7K BY HIMSELF.  what.)

There’s always next year.

3 thoughts on “February Failure

  1. You are incredibly hard on yourself. I don’t see what you accomplished in February as a failure. I’m impressed with the time you were able to devote to working out — I should work that hard! And by all means count the 4 mile walk to/from work as part of your efforts, because it counts. It all counts. Good luck to you — give yourself a break every now and then — it’s okay. 😉

    1. ha, thank you. you’re right, it’s not a total failure, just not an increase from what i’ve done over the past year. and taking a break every once in a while is good. …even if it comes during february fitness.

  2. Feb. is a short month anyway. Plus, look how comfy it looks to be bundled in that blanket. No one blames you…

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