Green Tomatoes

Or: Reasons Why It Doesn’t Completely Suck to Go Back To Work:IMG_20131022_093613
Green tomatoes from my coworker (because before I left for maternity leave I was talking about how I wanted to make fried green tomatoes.)   Nice.

I used to hate this door.  I made fun of it regularly and often talked about putting a picture of Spike on there.  I didn’t understand why I had to be assaulted by everyone’s grandbaby pictures every time I went into the kitchen.

But then I came back from being gone and someone in the office had printed a monster sized picture of my baby’s head and stuck it in the middle of the door.  Hammerhead dominates the kitchen door. Anybody going into the kitchen is totally assaulted by her 10-minute-old face.  Now I hate it less.  I actually kind of love it.


Oh hey there XXX cubetree, nice to see you again.

And finally, I had never realized how enjoyable it can be listening to music and filing 2 months worth of emails uninterrupted.  I really appreciated that on Monday.  It’s since lost a little bit of its shine, but still.  Uninterrupted time is nice.

…and with that, week #1 DONE.  Happy weekend!

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