New Beginnings

Today is arguably the most depressing day of the year.  And Kentucky (along with a lot of the country) decided to go all out for the occasion.


Yes, that is 3 degrees Farenheit.  Plus 20mph winds.  The air burns.  It hurts to breathe in.  Our front door was frozen shut this morning.  Ice on the insides of the windows.  INSIDES.  I got brain freeze walking from the parking lot to the office (not exaggerating).

BUT TODAY!  Today is the Day 1 of Week 1 of Training Plan 1 for 2014.  Run the Bluegrass is 12 weeks away from this coming Saturday, and Margaret is flying to Kentucky for it, so there’s no backing out.


And after 2 months of stop and go training, followed by weeks of painfully slow running (forcibly slow running on the treadmills is THE WORST), the shin pain seems to be under control (I’ve run for 3 weeks now sans pain), and Paul is done with interviews…I am so, so ready to get back on the post-baby horse.

Training schedule to follow.  Stay warm.

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