Roundup: Week 5

week 5

Monday: nothing

Tuesday: 3.3 miles on the TM…was supposed to be 4, but I was rushed before work and had to crunch it down to just over 3.  Better than nothing.

Wednesday: nothing

Thursday: 5 miles on the TM (as reported in my previous post)

Friday: nothing

Saturday: 7 miles in the icy, icy outdoors

Sunday: 3000 swim.  Main set:

500 pull @ b +15 breathe 3/5/7/5/3 by 100
100 swim @ b
2 x 200 kick @ kb
2 x 100 swim @ b-5
300 pull @ b+15 breathe 5/7/5 by 100
3 x 100 swim @ b
2 x 100 kick @ kb
4 x 100 swim @ b-5
100 pull @ b+15 breathe every 7
5 x 100 swim–>odds @ b-5, evens @b

8 x 75 swim IM or stroke @ b+15
8 x 50 @ b+5 fast off the walls

I jumped in this workout at the 3 x 100 swim @ b, and then swam a 500 extra a the end for a nice round 3K.  It was hard, but not too, too brutal.  Plus swimming with the group makes everything go by 10,000x faster.

So…I basically ignored cross training this week aside from Sunday.  Paul had to get to the hospital early in the mornings and it was a hard week for sleep and logistics.  BUT!!  I stayed on schedule with the running and (I don’t want to jinx myself, but…) have managed to run this far with no pain.  A freaking February miracle.  I am running slow, but whatever.  I’m running.

Onward and upward.

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