photo (2)9 week old HH getting her yoga on

A few weeks before I went back to work, I was at the pool and ran into a woman that I used to coach and hadn’t seen in about a year.  She was like, What have you been up to??  I was like, well, I had a baby a month ago…and she was like OH MY GOD I TEACH BABY YOGA you have to come!  I was like that sounds great, but people actually bring their babies to yoga?  She goes, oh no, it’s yoga FOR the baby!


“Yoga for babies?”
“Oh, yeah, it’s based on Itsy Bitsy Yoga.  We do a lot of stretches and positions…it helps with digestion.”
“Isn’t there a lot of crying and pooping and stuff?”
“Oh, people change and feed during class.  But if someone starts to cry we all sit in a circle and wait, because we don’t want anyone to feel left out.”

Well.  Obviously I had to go (plus classes were free.  And btw, Itsy Bitsy Yoga is a real thing.  Look it up.)

I went once and Marsha, who is kind of a yogi herself, took over after I went back to work.  Every Wednesday morning at 10 they would go to yoga and come home for a nap.

A few weeks ago, baby yoga got cancelled for good.  Bummer. Might have to start baby meditation now, help HH re-find her zen.

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