Made it


Despite how it may seem based on the radio silence the past 2 weeks, we survived the trip to CA.  And are now living 4 generations under one roof.

IMG_20140414_125722breakfast with dd

As you might imagine, the last 2 weeks have been a little transitional.  But things are starting to settle down.  The fact that it’s been mid-70s and sunny every day since we got here hasn’t hurt.  We’ve also gotten to spend time at the beach.  I’m really pushing HH to get out there and meet some men.


In the meantime, the job/home search continues.  Regular posts to resume shortly.  I hope.

One thought on “Made it

  1. Love. Sawyer is ecstatic he made the blog. And I am so proud (I know that sounds like sarcasm, but I actually mean it).

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