This is Halloween


When it comes to Halloween decorations, the neighborhoods on my running route do not mess around.


That is not a movie set, it’s a house around the corner.

We have our pumpkin and some fake cobwebs that are still sitting in the package…though we have a real, live, fist-sized spider living in the garden, so there’s something terrifying for you.

Bag of candy for me to eat by myself before the kids show up the trick-or-treaters is sitting by the front door, today when I went to see what podcasts were available for my run, there was a new (appropriately morbid) Serial episode waiting for me, chocolate chip pumpkin bread is baking in the oven, and tonight after trick-or-treating going to finish up my seasonal novel:


And since I don’t have a picture of our tasmanian devil in her costume yet, here she is at the doctor’s office in a Looney Tunes gown that looks like a kimono.


That pretty much sums it up here.  Have a spooky night.

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