Got Some Yoga in my Pocket


I’ve now had my Pocket Yoga app for a month.  Initially I tried to do it every morning, but work got so busy that even waking up at 5 didn’t give me enough time.  So morning yoga has only been happening occasionally.

That being said, a few learnings from the mornings that I have been able to squeeze in a little down dog:

  1. You can still injure yourself.  I used to think my injuries were the result of me not wanting to look stupid in front of the teacher and/or classmates.  Not so!  They can happen anywhere.  So be careful.
  2. You can still sweat. I was skeptical, but it’s true.  Just don’t cheat.
  3. Stretching in the morning feels incredible.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  It seems obvious, but somehow after years of doing serious cardio workouts before dawn and “stretching” before we started, I never fully grasped the ecstasy of it.  Now, if I can’t do a 30 minute session in the morning, I do 3 minutes of sun salutations.  It makes everything creak and groan and afterwards, feel amazing. Hasn’t replaced my coffee, but it’s a really wonderful way to wake up.  Seriously.  Try it.
  4. You look stupid doing it.  Duh.  I always look stupid doing yoga.  But that’s the joy of doing it AT HOME.  I did accidentally set up my yoga mat next to a mirror one time, maybe don’t do that.  (Even though I think the official stance by yoga pros is you are supposed to be near a mirror so you can work on your technique.  Or, in my case, “technique”.)
  5. It’s way better than I thought.  I’ve actually gotten much more out of this than I expected. If I find myself struggling to concentrate during the day, I’ll take 10 minutes with the app.  If you’re wavering on it, give it a try.  It’ll only cost you $3…and your dignity, should your friend walk in on you.  But it’s worth it.

photo: me perfecting my arrow in a grassy field.
did you even believe that for a second?  via

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