Tahoe: A look back

IMG_20150806_205417Tahoe happened in July.  I found this post sitting in my drafts folder.  But because it really is the best time of the year, and it’s a shame to let such an event go to waste, let’s reminisce.11695958_10100534397230472_3311924401407648567_nA few weeks ago (like…15 weeks ago) I headed up to Tahoe to do the Trans-Tahoe swim on a star-studded boat. IMG_20150806_205457We all wore our uniforms (sweats) and were ready to take on the competition.

6 swimmers, 11ish miles across the lake.

Unlike past years, the morning was cloudy. IMG_20150811_155629 And cold. IMG_20150811_155536Like, really cold.  And the water wasn’t super inviting.

But we battled on. 20150718_080840 And eventually the sun came out. IMG_20150811_160523 And the Cheladas came out. IMG_20150811_160007 And things were awesome.  Like they are every year. 20150718_131556Because that’s how Tahoe and this crew rolls. 11760338_10100534798915492_3397795908193799603_n until next year… IMG_20150718_164647

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