So this happened yesterday.

They’re both in Kentucky for 2 weeks.  TWO. WEEKS.

Yesterday was a hectic morning.  I drove to work for 3 hours, drove home, loaded kids and in-laws into the car, dropped them off at LAX, ran back to work, met with two more clients, then my final client canceled last second.

And suddenly, after what has felt like months of running around like a maniac…

I was free.

And I had no idea what to do.

The walk to the car:

“I should go shopping!  No, I should go home first and take inventory and then go shopping.  Wait, no, no rush for food because we don’t have to pack lunches tomorrow.  I can read that book I’ve been wanting to read for 4 years!  No, I should take a nap! No, I should go for a bike ride, I can never do that when I have the kids.  I should bike ride to the library!!  No, I should be productive now, then I can nap later.  I should clean.  No, I should relax.”

And round and round we go.  It was like my brain couldn’t process anything.  Hopefully the next few days of decision making for myself will be less anxiety-producing.

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