To file under “things that are not as awesome as they sound”: being forced to lay in bed not really moving for 3 days.

I threw my back out 3 days ago.  Haven’t been able to stand up straight since.  I managed to make the drive up to my parent’s house after the first day so they could chase children around while I lay on ice packs.  Fortunately my three-year-old knows that fashion should not fall victim to situations like this.

file_000-16white bedazzled headband. #glamour

The silver lining is I’ve had some time to read (when I’m not too dazed from the Norco.)

Since having kids I just haven’t had the time, energy, or attention span to really get into books.  I never fully quit reading, but it was no longer a part of my daily routine. And eventually I hit a point where I felt like my reading muscle had atrophied. That part of my brain wasn’t functioning anymore.  Almost every single book I picked up I struggled to get into.

So the past two months I decided to make reading a priority.

It took a little effort on my part to sit down and open up a book as opposed to zone out and watch Ep 9, Season 3 of SATC for the 30th time in a row while simultaneously browsing social media on my computer.  But eventually it paid off.

Because once I got back on board it became easier.  And I had forgotten how much the right book can open up the world and change the way you see things.  I had forgotten how much I really love reading.

And since people are always asking me for book recommendations, and I am always looking for book recommendations, and more than once I have started reading a book only to be realize, a few chapters in, that I had already read that book a few years ago and just didn’t recognize the title, I figured it can’t hurt to start writing down a few thoughts about the books I’ve been reading.

So brace yourself.  Things are about to get crazy.

P.S. Previous book “reviews” can be found here.

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